The Registration is closed. Sorry, the tutorial is full!

To make the online registration and payment to the tutorial 5G-Xcast you will be required to login at the Lifelong Education Centre (CFP) of the UPV. Please, click here.

Please follow the instructions and get your password to fill up your information and make the payment. Detailed instructions are available in this file (PDF).

If you have any question or difficulty about this process, please write to and

For more information about the tutorial, go to the tutorial 5G-Xcast website.

Registration Policies

This registration is only to attend the 5G-Xcast tutorial on June 5th, it does not include attendance to the conference IEEE BMSB 2018. It is not required to attend the BMSB conference to attend the tutorial.

The full registrarion to the tutorial include the assitance to the 5G-Xcast tutorial on June 5th, certificate of attendance, coffe breaks, lunch and dinner on that day.

THE CAPACITY IS LIMITED. The registration will be open until the capacity is completed. If you are interested to attend the tutorial, we recommend you to register as soon as possible!

Registration Fees

  • The full registrarion of the tutorial cost 100 €.
  • If you wish to attend with a companion at dinner you must pay 35 € more.


Payments are done online by credit card or by wire transfer. Instructions are provided during the registration process. After payment, a receipt of payment will be sent by email.

Once registered, the invoice can be requested from the registration webpage or by email at any time.

Cancellation Policy

The registration cannot be cancelled after 7th May, 2018.

  • Cancellations up to 7th May 2018 will be refunded 100%, except 50 € of administrative fee.
  • No cancellation refund after 7th May.