DAY 1 Wednesday 6th of June – Plenary 1, 09:00-10:40

Roland Beutler

Distribution Strategy Manager at Südwestrundfunk, Germany

Keynote: Transcending the Limits of Broadcasting - Holistic Services by Transparent Delivery.
Presentation slides: here.

Thomas Stockhammer

Director Technical Standards at Qualcomm, Germany

Keynote: enTV Rel-14: A Transport System for Next Generation Broadcaster Services.
Presentation slides: here.

Erik Guttman

3GPP SA Chairman at Samsung Electronics, UK

Keynote: 5G Advances in 3GPP.
Presentation slides: here.

DAY 2 Thursday 7th of June – Plenary 2, 09:00-10:40

Takuya Shitomi

Research Engineer at NHK, Japan

Keynote: NHK STRL Three-Year Plan FY2018-2020 - Creation for 2020 and beyond.

Maria Cuevas

Head of Mobile Core Networks Research at BT, UK

Keynote: What is network convergence and why do we need it?
Presentation slides: here.

Benjamin Bross

Project Manager at Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications - Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany

Keynote: Future Video Coding beyond HEVC.
Presentation slides: here.

DAY 3 Friday 8th of June – Plenary 3, 09:00-10:40

Rich Chernock

Chief Science Officer at Triveni Digital, USA

Keynote: ATSC 3.0: Where are we and where are we headed?
Presentation slides: here.

Dazhi He

Deputy Chief Technology Officer of NERCDTV, China

Keynote: Considerations and Expectations of Next Generation Broadcasting Systems in China.
Presentation slides: here.

Peter Siebert

Executive Director, DVB Project Office, Switzerland

Keynote: Standards and the Future of Broadcast Media Delivery.
Presentation slides: here.