5G-Xcast is a project of the phase-II of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP). The project will focus on the holistic implementation of multicast/broadcast point-to-multipoint as a critical technology element in 5G systems in addition and as a complement to unicast point-to-point; and it will devise, assess and demonstrate a conceptually novel and forward-looking 5G network architecture for large scale immersive media delivery. The main objectives of the project are:

  • To develop broadcast and multicast point to multipoint capabilities for 5G considering automotive, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Media & Entertainment (M&E), and Public Warning Systems (PWS) use cases, and evaluate 5G spectrum allocation options for 5G broadcasting.
  • To design a dynamically adaptable 5G network architecture with layer independent network interfaces capable of dynamically and seamlessly switching between unicast, multicast and broadcast modes or use them in parallel and exploiting built-in caching capabilities.
  • To experimentally demonstrate the 5G key innovations developed in the project for the M&E and PWS verticals

5G-Xcast is funded by the European Commission (EC) in the H2020 call 5G-PPP “Research and Validation of Critical Technologies and Systems” (ICT-07-2017) with grant number 761498.

A one-day tutorial on 5G-Xcast will be held on Tuesday 5th June 2018.
The tutorial is addressed to academia and industry players interested in future 5G networks and broadcast media distribution. Students interested in careers wireless and broadcast communications are also welcome to attend the tutorial.

Tutorial Sessions
The turorial will start at 9am. It will have the same schedule as the conference.
Venue: Universitat Politècnica de València

  • Sessions: Nexus Building (6G), 2nd Floor
  • Coffes: Nexus Building (6G), Entrance
  • Lunch: will be at the restaurant Galileo Club Gastronómico.

See Venue Map with the location of the buildings.

Note that: The tutorial registration will be open on Tuesday 5th at 8:15 am on the second floor of the Nexus Building. Please, come to the registration desk first!

Tutorial Banquet
Tuesday June 5th, 20:30
Venue: Mala Hierba Restaurant

See Map with the locations of events.

This is the preliminary program:

Time Topic Duration
09:00 10:40 Welcome and introduction
(Context: 5G-PPP, H2020, IMT-2020)
25 min
5G Overview 25 min
The challenge of PTM delivery in 5G: Introduction to 5G-Xcast 25 min
5G-Xcast Use Cases 25 min
10:40 – 11:10 COFFEE BREAK
11:10 – 12:50 4G LTE-A+ RAN Overview
5G New Radio Rel’15 Overview
50 min
5G-Xcast RAN 50 min
12:50 – 14:10 LUNCH BREAK
14:10 – 15:50 4G LTE-A+ Core Network Overview
5G Core Network Rel’15 Overview
30 min
5G-Xcast Converged Core Network 40 min
Content Distribution Framework SoA 30 min
15:50 – 16:20 COFFEE BREAK
16:20 – 18:00 5G-Xcast Content Distribution Framework 30 min
5G-Xcast Test-beds and Demonstrations 45 min
5G-Xcast Dissemination 10 min
5G-Xcast Future Work and Next Steps 15 min